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Lead Generators

Lead generating partners bring value through their own unique product proposition to their customer base active in the transportation & logistics industry. They will typically refer to ALPEGA as they acknowledge the added value ALPEGA’s can bring to their customer base, hence providing service and enforcing the strong relationships they want to maintain with their customers.
They provide a unique added value to the ALPEGA network and are typically companies active or exposed to the T&L industry. Whether the partner is a consultant, supply chain management advisor, software reseller or different, each one will enhance the implementation, distribution and brand awareness of ALPEGA solutions by referring their customers.


  • Lead generators engage in referring ALPEGA solutions to answer the needs of the customers and to enlarge the network
  • The lead generator is an important element of our network, therefor we promise a rapid response time to customer requests. We guarantee to process the request in the most professional manner.
  • ALPEGA provides all the necessary supporting information and internal contacts  to ensure a quick answer to the customer´s needs